wuppets – weather puppet set

Suitable for: 3+

Colourful, soft, washable hand puppets make learning about the weather fun and how it effects our lives on a daily basis. The set of 7 puppets contain – Puffy who is mostly a friendly, happy cloud! She enjoys floating in the sky and gives shade from Sunny! Sometimes Dropsy comes along and makes Puffy angry! She will become dark (turn the back, darker side of the puppet to the front!) She will throw Dropsy out of the sky, and sometimes call on her friend Ziggy lightning to show Dropsy just how angry she is! Also included, Flakey (snowflake), Twisty (Tornado) and Hurrkey(Hurricane). Ideal for role play.

Includes: Each Wuppet comes complete with a small colouring book and an instruction sheet with descriptions of each weather symbol.


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