tangles – tangle therapy relax

The twistable therapy Tangle is a new ergonomic approach to stress relief, as well as a manipulative for hand therapy. The Tangle Therapy device consists of 20 interconnected twistable pieces. Each piece is covered with a soft (latex free) rubberized material which is designed for maximum tactile pleasure. This set is perfect for special educational needs.
Tangles are a wonderful classroom tool because they can be used with students of all abilities and are especially helpful for students with special needs.
Tangles can help special needs children a variety of ways. Here are a few ways Tangles help students with various learning abilities:
Re-direct frustrations by channeling maladaptive behaviours into appropriate fidget toy behaviours. Prepare fingers and hands for the demands of writing by strengthening fine motor muscles. Learn despite vision challenges. Colours may vary

Sizes: 16 cm


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