place value pack

Suitable for: 3+

Combines the unique numbers up place value books and double sided plastic dry erase boards printed both sides for added value. Place value flip books feature the patented ‘quick select’ numbered tab system. No loose cards. Easy partitioning with colour coded value sections. Enables addition or subtraction in hundreds, tens and units in sequence from 1-000 or 999-1, always in correct placement. Durable laminated finish. Place value A4 double sided erase boards. Partition numbers into millions, hundred of thousands, tens of thousands, thousands, hundreds, tens and units. Show whole numbers in figures and words up to millions to their correct place value. Answer box at the bottom of each column for addition/subtraction. Teachers demonstration board, same as pupils but 77cm x 52cm. Boards made from durable plastic. Flipbooks in durable laminated surface.

Includes: 6 x numbers up place value flip books 22cm x 12 cm. 1 x pack of 30 A4 place value boards. 1 x teachers A2 demonstration board