Mini 100 plus multi centre

Suitable for: 3+

Mini 100plus Maths Multicentre is an outstanding piece of ‘Hands On’ maths equipment which offers fantastic versatility and mathematical  possibilities within a single piece of equipment. Widely regarded as the ultimate, multi-functional maths resource.

Mini 100plus can be changed from one number square to another in seconds by turning the individual rods which lock each of the 4 colour coded faces at 90 degree intervals and ultimately through 360 degrees.

Each of the 132 blocks slide, rotate and lock independently through 90/360 degrees enabling grouping or splitting of numbers which in addition can be blanked using the Abacus face.

Changes to more than 10 different standard number configurations ie. 0 to 99, 1 to 100, 0 to 119, 1 to 120, 99 to minus 20, 100 to minus 19, multiplication, Abacus etc.

Use for: Division, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Number Bonds, Grouping, Number Patterns, Multiples, Proportion, Fractions and Equivalent Fractions, Less Than, More Than, Percentages and many, many more maths activities. Plastic and Aluminium construction

Here’s the large one in action:

“The 100+ board from EDUK8 Worldwide is simply the best single resource I’ve encountered for promoting good numeracy skills.

It is ideal for visual / concrete learners (often over half the class) and for interactive teaching, and can be used with early primary stage right through to early secondary – pupils can readily grasp the concept that ‘if they had the whole board in their head they would be fantastic with numbers’.

Research indicates that early stage pupils benefit greatly from seeing and working with the bigger picture (to 100) as well as employing number lines as a context for addition and subtraction – the 100+ board is excellent on both counts.

Upper stage pupils can use the 100+ board to readily compare fractions in the context of percentages.

It can be used for showing pattern (the pass word for mathematics), carrying out addition, subtraction, multiplication and division (including remainders), fractions and percentages. A creative teacher will also invent games such as ‘bus driver’, ‘guess’, ‘shuffle’ that can be adapted for any stage.

It’s my experience that when teachers actually see what this board can do for numeracy there is a high demand for them being able to use one themselves.

I regard the mini 100+ as being like a calculator that the pupils have to make get the answer, and each time they use it then more of the board is going into their head and it may be a surprise to realize that both the 100+ and the mini 100+ can be used as class lesson resource by the teacher, or, individually by pupils.

I cannot recommend this resource highly enough”

Tom Renwick

About Tom Renwick;

The ‘virtual adviser’ for mathematics for both phase 1 and 2 of the successful Glow project for Learning and Teaching Scotland . Meeting over 2000 Scottish teachers a year at in-services, specialising on numeracy and interactive techniques

Size: 40.5 x 32.8 x 3.8 cm

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