chatter tracker

Suitable for: 3+

CHATTER TRACKER is an advanced Electronic Noise Alert Device which detects from whispers, 50dB (decibels) to the equivalent volume of a rock concert at 110dB (decibels). Resembling 44cm tall Traffic Lights, warnings are delivered with bright LED lights, Siren and Recordable announcements. When selected noise levels are exceeded for 2-3 seconds the GREEN light is replaced by a flashing AMBER light for 2-3 seconds. If the noise level continues, the RED light accompanies the SIREN or ‘QUIET PLEASE’ or a personally recorded announcement. When the Noise level reduces, it returns to GREEN, until further activations. The Digital Counter registers all Red light activations.


• Decibel (dB)Noise Level Control

• ‘Quiet Please’ announcement in English, German, French and Spanish.

• Record your own message up to 15 seconds long

• Volume Control. • Optional, static Red, Amber or Green lights as a visual alert.

• Mains or Battery operated – uses 6 AA batteries (not supplied) when mains power is not available. Use outdoors with batteries (dry conditions only).

• 3 removable vinyl stickers -smiley, straight and frown can be placed on the lenses.

• Fully portable, just 3 kg. • Size 44cm x 14cm x 12cm • Table or wall mount.

Use Chatter TrackerTM for:

• Classrooms

• Exam settings – corridors – libraries – dining areas – Sports activities. etc.

• Visual aid for the hearing impaired.

• Teach voice projection and use as prompt for drama.

• Hospital departments.

• Offices.

• Road Safety Instruction


Size: 44 x 14 x 12 cm