chalk and chuckles – tidy up

Suitable for:  3+

The House of Rats is completely and totally the messiest in town.
How do they tidy up the mess?
Everything is here and there
Need to know what goes where.
The dress in the cupboard,
Spoon in the kitchen,
They sure have a mission. Join the Rats as they move from room to room. Roll the die and sneak through the matching coloured windows and the doors, putting things in their place. The 1st player to put things back in the room where they belong wins the game. A cute and simple game that lets you discuss the importance of cleaning up with children. A fun and easy game to learn colours and categorization. No reading required. One game, many ways to play! For 1-2 players.

•Categorization & problem solving

•Visual Observation

•Expressive Language

•Social Skills and responsibility

Includes: 1 house consisting of 2 walls, 24 tokens, 1 Floor base, 2 Wooden Mice, 1 Colour die, Instructions.

Size: 38.1 x 24.8 x 4.5 cm


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