bully prevention set

Suitable for: 3+

This set comes with two separate plays and groups of puppets to teach children about two different types of bullies: The Playground Bully and The Mean Girl Bully. An in depth teachers guide is included on the CD along with the two puppet plays. It includes discussion ideas and activities to be used as a follow up to the puppet plays. It was written by a published, licensed school counsellor with years of experience dealing with the bullying issue. Billy imagines himself to be a super hero so that he can rid the school of a bully named Big Joe. Success comes instead by remembering the rules he learns in school about how to deal with bullies. He isn’t able to fly Big Joe off to another galaxy like he dreamed, but he gets the bully transported to the principal’s office – and that’s a good start.

Includes: 5 Puppets, CD containing teachers notes

Size: 42cm x 30cm x 17cm


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