100 plus multi centre 10x

Suitable for: 3+

100plus Maths Multicentre is an outstanding piece of ‘Hands On’ maths equipment which offers fantastic versatility and mathematical  possibilities within a single piece of equipment. Widely regarded as the ultimate, multi-functional maths resource.

100plus can be changed from one number square to another in seconds by turning the individual rods which lock each of the 4 colour coded faces at 90 degree intervals and ultimately through 360 degrees.

Each of the 132 blocks slide, rotate and lock independently through 90/360 degrees enabling grouping or splitting of numbers which in addition can be blanked using the Abacus face.

Changes to more than10 different standard number configurations ie. 0 to 99, 1 to 100, 0 to 119, 1 to 120, 99 to minus 20, 100 to minus 19, multiplication, Abacus etc.

Use for: Division, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Number Bonds, Grouping, Number Patterns, Multiples, Proportion, Fractions and Equivalent Fractions, Less Than, More Than, Percentages and many, many more maths activities

Plastic an Aluminium construction

Size: 86.5 x 81 x 24 cm

SKU: 100/MC