We all got home late last night back from the London Toy Fair where we had been showing over the last 3 days, our new ranges for 2018, for the first time this year.

We have over 50 new products that we presented at the show, to most of the UK’s Major and Independent buyers and they really loved our products :) and will now be buying from us.

It’s really exciting when we have all worked so hard to source and develop these products, to know that later in the year when the shops and stores start to stock our products, that the public will have for the very first time the opportunity to buy them.

Only got 2 working days now until we are off to Nuremberg Toy fair in Germany then we are straight back to the NEC Spring fair for 5 days. It will be tiring but worth it to see how much the buyers love what we have done and have to offer them.



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