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100 PLUS MULTI CENTRE New 12x12 Version

Product Description

This invaluable and ingenious, multipurpose “ HANDS ON ” resource, has for many years proved itself in the classroom and continues to be a great success with teachers and children. 100plus is ideal for many maths activities which allow children to investigate, whilst improving mental maths agility. 100plus engages children, saves valuable classroom time and helps to enhance teacher/pupil interaction.Combining 9 different “square” confi gurations plus an Abacus/ blank into one piece of large mathematical equipment, 100plus eliminates the need for numerous resources. 

100plus™ contains colour coded printed blocks which rotate and slide individually enabling the choice of configuration you wish to use. Conceal, reveal, split or group numbers instantly. Each block slots in at 90 degree increments to a full 360 degrees and each of the rows rotate individually at 90 degree increments to 360 degrees. Supplied with Teachers notes. w97 x h80.7 x d23.7cm. 

VISIT www.maths on track.com and see Tom Renwick, the leading expert in the use of 100plus demonstrate the versatility of this fantastic ‘Hands On‘ resource and how it is used to improve mental maths agility. 

Tom says: “The 100plus board is perhaps the best single resource I’ve ever come across for helping children get better at numeracy”. Within more than 160 podcasts using 100plus, Tom demonstrates various strategies to improve the understanding of maths in children. 


Pat app No. 0005464.3 PCT/GB01/00890

Product Videos

Eduk8 100 plus board Demonstration (2) (03:34)
For more information and where to buy...please visit our website http://www.eduk8worldwide.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=52&products_id=393&zenid=n8s4nadir6gq3fukhl7dn5pad6 You can also check out our New 12x12 Version http://www.eduk8worldwide.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=65&products_id=669&zenid=rr55vgke3o1rqj97lormlu1f44
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    For more information and where to buy...please visit our websi...




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